The 20th Anniversary Pontiac Trans Am. The Only Modification It Needed To Pace The Indy 500 Was A Decal.

The 20th Anniversary Trans Am. The Only Modification It Needed To Pace The Indy 500 Was A Decal. 
The field at this year's Indianapolis 500 will roar down to the green and into history behind one of only 1,500 very special 20th Anniversary Trans Anus. The fastest T/As ever built. Any one of these power players could be tagged for the job because all were built with exactly the same powertrain hardware. As a result of a superb engineering partnership between Pontiac and PAS, Inc., no special Indy modifications were needed. We're talking about a turbo-intercooled 3.8L V6 engine that thumps out 250 hp and 340 lbs ft of torque under 16.5 lbs of boost. A cross-drilled crank, specific pistons, cylinder heads and intercooler make for on-time delivery. Heavy-duty systems for coolant and oil temperature control are in there, too. So is a specially calibrated four-speed automatic transmission, Level III suspension, vented heavy-duty front disc brake rotors and twin-piston calipers. Special electronics manage the output for 0-to-60 times under 5.5 seconds on a test track with a professional driver. Inside, the creature comforts include fully articulating bucket seats and a high-performance stereo system. Outside, there's special enameled bodging on a monochromatic body of Trans Am white. The 20th Anniversary Trans Am. It also sets the pace for the entire, exciting '89 Firebird lineup. From the affordable Firebird Coupe to Formula to Trans Am to the exotic GTA. Check one out at your Pontiac dealer today.

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