Bobby Unser climbs 14,000 feet on all fours.

Bobby Unser climbs 14,000 feet on all fours. You don't win a road rally as tough as the Pikes Peak Hillclimb by just being faster. You win it by being smarter. Which, perhaps, explains why Bobby Unser, who last year not only won but nicked 16 seconds off the existing record, did it in a car that had neither rear-wheel drive. Nor front-wheel drive. He did it in a car that had both. An Audi. To be precise, an Audi that utilizes the Quattro system of permanently engaged all-wheel drive. It has been a Quattro, in point of fad, that has won this highly prestigious event five years in a row. Which brings us back to 1980. The year the progressive thinkers at Audi introduced the Quattro. And with it, the idea that the ultimate place for four-wheel drive was not in clunky utility and off-road vehicles. Or, for that matter, in dirt, mud and blinding snow. But, rather, in giving higher performance to high-performance cars. You see, when it comes to delivering power, mobility, grip and control, four-driven wheels can be superior to two. In virtually all road conditions. A fad illustrated by Unser's illustrious performance on the mountain, where the Quattro handled 156 punishing turns, 
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most of which are hairpin switchbacks, with an ease that was almost uncanny. ''As you enter turns in a car with rear-wheel drive': Unser says, ''the rear end has a tendency to break loose. Which limits your speed. In the Quattro, all four wheels are pulling so you can keep the power applied and come out of the turns faster. With control!' Unser isn't alone in noticing this phenomenon and making it work for him. In Europe, Audi Quattros have dominated the Rally circuit for three of the post six years. In Germany, where driving seems to be a national enthusiasm and where the Quattro technology has been available for the past seven years, awareness and apprecia-tion have grown so that now every model we make there is offered with permanent all-wheel drive. And, more recently, Americans, who recognize a good thing when they drive it, have created a demand for more permanent all-wheel drive automobiles. Which is why we have increased our offering here to three models. The 5000CS Turbo Quattro, the 5000CS Turbo Quattro Wagon and the 4000CS Quattro. And there's more to come in the future. All of which suggest you should see your Audi dealer. Where you can discover firsthand why civilized man was meant to climb on all fours. Audi.

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