Put 10" more threshing capacity to work, put $844 savings in your pocket. Take a look at the new Case 600 combine.

Put 10'' more threshing capacity to work ...PUT $844 SAVINGS IN YOUR POCKET 
Good news here, with that big fall harvest looming ! It's this: You can get the Case 600 combine, with its extra-heavy 40-inch cylinder and 10-foot header, for about $844 LESS than the cost of a leading 30-inch combine. The big cash advantage isn't all you'll get. The Case 600's big cylinder feeds a huge separating area of over 31 square feet, with cleaning capacity to match. Plenty of overhead clearance for weedy bean crops—a big, variable-speed fan under the sieves to see that nothing but a clean sample goes into the bin. And you get a tailings check at your elbow—on-the-go 

concave adjustment right from the seat. A high-speed, 500-stroke-per-minute sickle and left-hand drives to prevent shattering loss. That, plus the gentle handling of your beans by rubber flights in the elevator, improves your yield. Your wheel treads fit the rows perfectly. The 10-foot header spans 3 rows of beans. Or with the 13-footer, you can handle 4 rows at every pass. Think it over. The money and the hours you can save. The better, fuller yield from your crop. The prospect of sailing into the harvest with a spanking-new, dependable machine. Then call your Case dealer. * Manufacturer's suggested list price FOB factory for Case Model 600 combine with 10' header, exclusive of dealer handling charge, federal, state or local taxes. Includes hy-draulic variable-speed drive, turning brakes, lights and battery. Corn header illustrated at lower left is available at extra cost. Prices subject to change without notice. 
YOU'LL NEED THIS 40'' CAPACITY IN CORN Heavy yield? Trust the massive cylinder and big cleaning area to put it through fast and thoroughly. No stalks escape the wide gathering points and ground-hugging chains. 
Take a look at the NEW 
J. 1. Case Company • Racine, Wisconsin

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