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Qual modelo de câmera onboard é melhor?

Em 2010, a revista Car And Driver fez um teste comparativo com algumas das melhores câmeras onboard presentes no mercado.

Em 2012, ela repetiu a dose, desta vez, com os Contour Roam, Drift HD, GoPro HD Hero2 e Replay XD1080.
HOW WE TESTED: A VIEW ASKEW All four of the cameras record video one line at a time instead of ass series of snapshots. A side effect is that vertical objects such as telephone poles look skewed at high speed. This is known as
Contour Roam UNIT PRICE: 5200 MOUNT PRICE: 540 DIMENSIONS, INCHES: 4.00 2.2 01.3 WEIGHT, OUNCES: 5.1 RECORDING MODES, 1080P (20.30 FPS), RESOLUTION (FRAME RATE): 960P (25, 30 FPS), 720P (20.30 FPS) SHOOTING ANGLE, DEGREES: 170 STILL-MODE RESOLUTION, MEGAPIXELS: 5 STORAGE MEDIA: MICROSD EXTERNAL MIC INPUI: NO HDMI OUTPUT: NO A SKEW: Average performance. The A TEST PATTERN: Colors are a little effect is more evident on objects that washed out, and the actual shooting are close to the camera, angle:! narrower than the GoOro and Drift cameras' (all three claim 170 degrees). On the upside, the image is only minimally distorted. I=A decent camera at a decent price. The most affordable camera here, the Contour Roam, is also the least complex. There's a small toggle switch to turn on the power and a big toggle switch to start recording. A built-in laser helps to aim and align the camera. To change settings, you need to plug it into a computer. DRIVING LOOP: The Contour presents a clear picture, but it grayed-out a rare blue Michigan sky.
Drift HD UNIT PRICE: S369 MOUNT PRICE: S25 DIMENSIONS, INCHES: 4.1 02.1 01.5 WEIGHT, OUNCES: 5.0 RECORDING MODES, 1080P (25.30 FPS), RESOLUTION (FRAME RATE): 720P (25, 30, 50, 60 FPS) SHOOTING ANGLE, DEGREES: 170 STILL-MODE RESOLUTION, MEGAPIXELS: 9 STORAGE MEDIA: MICROSD EXTERNAL ETC INPUI: YES HDMI OUTPUT: YES The Drift HD is heavy on features: it has remote control and a built-in LCD monitor, which makes it easy to aim and change settings through the on-screen menu. But it's also the most expensive unit here, and its price isn't justified by its poor-to-middling performance. A SKEW: Similar to the Contour, the Drift HO makes nearby vertical objects appear to be tipping aver. BOTTOM A TEST PATTERN: The Drift HD pumps up the colors to a slightly exaggerated level. It has the widest view but the most distortion, even in the center of the image. is. DRIVING LOOP: The wide lens curves the image like a 1 un-house mirror. making a car look too narrow And the image looks a little soft (out of focus). The Drift HD is perfect for filming the fisheye-lens portion of a '90s rap video but only so-so for car flicks.
GoPro HD Hero2 STILL-MODE RESOLUTION, MEGAPIXELS: 11 STORAGE MEDIA: SD EXTERNAL AC INPUT YES HDMI OUTPUT: YES This updated version of the classic GoPro sports a new lens, an external mic input, and an HDMI output. A suction-cup mount is included, which brings us to our only gripe: No ball joint means the camera only adjusts on two axes. The GoPro accepts a number of accessories, including an $80 LCD screen. to SKEW: The best performer but not to TEST PATTERN: Only moderate by a huge margin. distortion. Yellows predominate, but. overall, the GoPro offers the most realistic picture. BOTTOM UNIT PRICE, $300 MOUNT PRICE: (INCLUDED) DIMENSIONS, INCHES: 2.8 X 2.6 X 1.9 (2.4 X1.6 X1.5 WM CASE) WEIGHT, OUNCES: 5.9(3.4 W/O CASE) RECORDING MODES, 1080P (30 FPS), 960P 130, RESOLUTION (FRAME RATE): 48 FPS), 720P (30,60 FPS), 480P 160,120 FPS) SHOOTING ANGLE, DEGREES: 170 Superior performance makes this our pick. leamgoprO.c0111 L. DRIVING LOOP: Good contrast between shadow and light and supersharp picture quality set it apart from the pack
Replay XD1080 SHOOTING ANGLE, DEGREES: 110.5 (1080P) OR 135 (960P, 720P) STILL-MODE RESOLUTION, MEGAPIXELS: 5 STORAGE MEDIA: MICROSD EXTERNAL MIC INPUI: YES HMI OUTPUT: YES The smallest of the bunch, the ReplayXD shoots at a narrower. 135-degree angle. It comes with a slew of accessories-home and car charging cords, a memory card. an HDMI-out cable, and a little bag to hold everything. Two buttons control power and recording. SKEW: Close-shot objects exhibited the most visible lean with this camera. Or possibly those telephone poles were drunk. BOTTOM UNIT PRICE: S300 MOUNT PRICE: S79 DIMENSIONS, INCHES: 3.8 X 1.2 X1.1 WEIGHT, OUNCES: 3.1 RECORDING MODES, 1080P (30 FPS), 960P 130 FPS), RESOLUTION (FRAME RATE): 720P (30, 60 FPS) zi TEST PATTERN: Colors are slightly oversaturated but pleasantly vivid. As expected, this narrow-angle camera has the least distortion. www.replayActcom DRIVING LOOP: Mimmal distortion makes tort natural-looking picture, but it's not quite as sharp as the GoPro.s. An alien wrench is needed to adjust the sturdy metal suction-cup mount. A good choice, but the narrow-angle lens means you probably won't get everything you want in the frame.