Racy! Rambler! Rogue! The new 3R's! At the head of its class. The 1966 American Motors Rambler American Rogue.

Racy! Rambler! Rogue! The new 3R's! At the head of its class. More standard horsepower, more personal touches than Corvair! Valiant! Falcon! The 1966 Rambler American Rogue.

\ 'Do Rogues really come with rally stripes?' 
'No, but with the new engine they drive that way.' 
66 Rambler American Rogue 
American Motors creates the Rogue— Rambler American has proved it year seat belts front and rear. backup lights, with the head of the class. too.5. Stunning and again Rambler American leads itS after year in the farnous Mobil Economy windshield washers plus a Double-Safety interiors. So beautiful, we're thinking of ClaSs with mOre performance, luxury, Run. 2. Shift-Command Transmission• brake system standard in only one -Big 3- offering a course in Fabrics and Vinyls. safety features, and built-in quality. with our bigger engine. Easily the neat- car: Cadillac. Adjustable safety headrests 6. Deep-dip rustproof ing. Our cars aren't 1. Two great new ways to go: 199 cu. in. est piece .of transmission magic you've available.• 4. Reclining bucket seats. (We just sprayed: they're dunked in rustproof-standard six that putslafpowerful horses driven: -stick' for you, automatic for her. build them with coil innersprings. How ing all the way up to the roof. Graduate Aid under foot; or choose our optional 232 3. Standard safety equiprnent. Includes many -Big 3- cars do that, Only Cadillac.) to Ftogue at your friendly Giant-Killer... • cu. in. six. Economical, You know it. And padded dash and visors, outside rnirror, You get a center armrest when you ride your American Motors/Rambler Dealer. 
American Motors...where quality is built in, not added on.

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