Why so many Volkswagens live to be 100,000.

Why so many Volkswagens live to be 100,000. 
The Volkswagen isn't the kind of a car you trade in after a year or two. It's designed and built for keeps. The piston speed in a Volkswagen is slower than it is in many other cars. That means less wear. Engine friction and stress are so low that the VW's cruising speed is the same as top speed! 
Continuity in making the same basic model year after year has led to Volkswagen's qual-ity of assembly—the kind that a $5,000 car would be proud of; to say nothing of a can that sells for $1,585.* Just to give you an idea: A Volkswagen is so airtight, it's a good practice to open the window before you slam the door. Even after 
you've had it for several years. So. If you own a '61 or '62 VW that you've taken good care of, why would you want to trade it in for a '66—which looks just like it? You wouldn't. You'd keep it, and have the pleasure of seeing 99,999 on your VW's odometer turn to 00000.

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