Glamour with a powerhouse punch! In three great Hudsons, with prices starting near the lowest!

Glamour with a powerhouse punch! In three great Hudsons, with prices starting near the lowest!

IF YOU like flashing response; if you like 'geared-to-the-road' safety (which re-sults from Hudson's exclusive 'step-down' design), five minutes in a Hudson will spoil you for anything else! Want proof?—see the famous Hudson exclusives listed below. Want a ride?—ask your nearest Hudson dealer. Quickest power response ever seen—from new Instant Action Engines with Super Induc-tion. Step on it—you go—instantly! Safest, smoothest 'cling-to-the-road' ride is the result of Hudson's exclusive 'step-down' 
design, which provides an unusually low center of gravity. More power from every drop of gas—with Hudson's exclusive Twin H-Power... Uses regular gas; saves money. Unique Flight-Line styling. Beautiful cars just five feet high with flowing lines possible only because of 'step-down' design. Safe, rugged construction. Hudson's Monobilt body-and-frame, protects your family with box-section steel girders which completely 

Sheer luxury!—plus Perfected Power Steering. Improved Power Brakes*—Fully Automatic Drives' }Trademark. Patented. *Optional at extra cost. 
surround the passenger compartment. Triple-Safe Brakes, standard on most models; the finest hydraulics with a reserve me-chanical system on the same pedal, ready to take over automatically should hydraulics fail through accident or neglect. Service costs cut. Hudson engines seldom need attention. Chrome-alloy cylinder blocks (toughest in the industry) and the only pinned-in-position piston rings in any U. S. car, help Hudson engines to outlast all others. 
Spectacular running mate of the Hudson Hornet, gives you Hornet-like glamour and power in the low-medium price field: at a new lower price for 1954. 

Compact, economical edition of the Hornet, with outstanding gas economy and han-dling ease. Has the amazing roadability of the Hornet. Prices start near the lowest. 
THREE OF A KIND... in Glamour, Performance, and Quality Standard trim and other specifications and accessories sub). to change without notice.

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