Dodge trucks are warranted for 5 years... or 50,000 miles.

Dodge trucks are warranted for 5 years... or 50,000 miles. A truck is a tool. It's bought to make money. The tougher it is, the longer it will plates. A few minor dents. A little dirt. Forty-eight thousand miles on the clock. last. The more money it will make. That's simple. Dodge builds tough trucks. And the power train is still as thoroughly protected as the day it went into That's straight. They're built that way and backed that way. Backed by a service. This new five-year or fifty-thousand-mile power train warranty revolutionary five-year or 50,000-mile power train warranty,..7 That's a lot of applies to every truck we build. They are warranted that way by Chrysler Motors miles. A lot of years. A lot of truck. E The two trucks in the illustration are the Corporation to all authorized Dodge Truck Dealers. 7 This is the longest war-same model. Only one difference. The Dodge on top is new. The one on the bottom ranty on any American truck. 0 Talk to competitive dealers. You won't find a is as we imagine it will look some months from now. 0 It has numerous license warranty that even comes close to the one offered by the men who sell Dodge.

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