Ford's full-time economy only starts with low price! Ford trucks cost less! Save now... save from now on!

NEW BIG SIX ENGINE is just one of the gas-saving engines available for Ford Mediums—also available are America's most popular truck V-8s. Ford's full-time economy only starts with low price! Ford reliability and long-term durability cut your costs in the years ahead ! In most cases, Ford prices save you money at the start; in all cases, Ford quality engineering saves you money in the long run! Take Ford's new 262-cu. in. 'Big Six' engine. Its heavy-duty design includes 27 special features usually found only on larger, more expensive engines—features such as forged crank-shaft, 'Eatonite' valve facing, and positive crankcase ventilation. These 27 features combine to reduce en-gine wear and upkeep; provide outstanding reliability; help keep gasoline savings at their maximum. Ford's Super Duty engines offer still more evidence of Ford dependability; they carry the broadest war-ranty of any gas engines in America: 100,000 miles! Ask your Ford dealer for more details on the many ways Ford trucks can save you money ... full time! FORD TRUCKS COST LESS SAVE NOW... SAVE FROM NOW ON! FORD TRUCK CERTIFIED ECONOMY FORD SUPER DUTY ENGINES are built to keep running longer, with less chance of breakdown, than any other gas engines in the industry—the omegas en-gines so dependable they're warranted for 100,000 miles!

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