Total Newness! The Chevrolet trucks are here for 1960... with revolutionary new Torsion-Spring suspension!

Total Newness! Chevrolet trucks are here for 1960 
...with revolutionary new Torsion-Spring suspension! 
Watch and see, 1960 Chevy trucks are going to make hauling history. They've got a ride you have to feel to believe. A ride that virtu-ally eliminates shimmy and wheel fight, makes handling far easier, allows faster safe speeds on or off the road to get more work done in a day's time. The big reason is Chevrolet's all-new suspension: its fully independent torsion-spring suspension up front, with wide-based coil springs in light-duty rears and variable-rate leaf springs in heavyweights. It's a feature that lends a big hand to another history-making 1960 advantage —Chevy's bulldozer durability. With revolutionary new suspension, with new strength and rigidity in frames, in sheet metal, in roomier-yet-lower cabs—these '60 models are tougher than any Chevy trucks ever made. Tougher than trucks long famous for long life! Your dealer's got the full story, the best one he's ever told.... Chevrolet Division of General Moto, Detroit 2, Michigan. 

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