Test Drag a Javelin. Don't laugh. The American Motors Javelin SST is even faster than it looks.

Test Drag a Javelin. Don't laugh. The Javelin SST is even faster than it looks. When equipped with a .343 cube/280-BHP 4-barrel V-8, and a 4-speed manual transmission with a 3.54 rear axle, it will move from a standstill to 60 in about 7.86 sec-onds and pin your backbone to the bucket in the process. The engine pumps out a tough 365 lb.-ft. of torque at 3000 RPM. This SST in pure stock form will cover a standing quarter in 15.8. But performance just begins there. The real surprise comes in the Javelin's handling. The Javelin can be equipped with front disc brakes, and a special handling suspension that includes a larger dialneter sway. bar and heavy-duty springs- and shocks. • You'll notice the Javelin's phenomenal control in tight turns and highspeed cornering. Popular Science Monthly wrote that The Javelin reacts almost the same at high speed as it does during low speed maneuvers. Steering ratio was 18.1 to 1 overall and it felt just right for this can Not too slow, not too fast. I particularly liked the action of the power steering. Aside from handling, the ride is excellent — tight and firm, yet 'comfortable-enough for long-distance or everyday driving.

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