Porsche makes great cars. These are just a little faster. Introducing the Pontiac GXP Performance Series.

PORSCHE MAKES GREAT CARS. THESE ARE JUST A LITTLE FASTER. TORRENT GXP IS FASTER THAN PORSCHE CAYENNE SOLSTICE GXP IS FASTER THAN PORSCHE BOXSTER: INTRODUCING THE PONTIAC GXP PERFORMANCE SERIES Performance is a language spoken in terms of competition. And the Pontiac GXP Series easily holds its own in front of cars that cost up to 50% more. Torrent GXP doesn't just offer the utility and AWD capabilities, it shows its true crossover nature with a 263hp V6, big-bore chrome exhaust outlets and a r-inch lowered stance planted on forged aluminum 18'' wheels. And with a 0-60 in under 7, it's over a half-second faster than Porsche claims the Cayenne is. *Based on Porsche Booster and Cayenne base models. Solstice GXP quickly seduces with a sub-5.5 second 0-6o, leaving the Porsche Booster almost a half-second behind, according to their numbers. All thanks to our turbocharged 26ohp engine, 2601b-ft of torque, fully independent sport-tuned suspension and low-profile tires wrapped arouncl i8s. And that's only the beginning of the GXP Series. It's performance that begs to be on the road. Something only the true driver can really understand.

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