We've created a monster. The Isuzu Amigo.

We've created a monster. The Isuzu Amigo. Recently, some mentally warped Isuzu engineers attempted to fuse a sports car $ 01001' with atruck.Their daring UW Z7 experiment resulted in an entirely new breed of vehicle.The Isuzu Amigo — part beauty, part beast. Amigo's available with up to 50% more horsepower than Geo 'Packer. And since its suspension is derived from the race-proven system we use on our 4x4 trucks, Amigo handles both pavement and tortuous off-mad terrains with equal proficiency. Of course, not everyone is an off-road aficionado. So we also offer the Amigo in 2-wheel chive.You'll find all models feature sporty, reclining front bucket seats and an open-air rear section that lets you drive with the wind at your back. Still not convinced the Amigo is a cross between a sports car and a truck? Don't just sit there. See your nearest Isuzu dealer for a test drive. You'll discover everything about the Amigo is monstrous. Except for its price. For free Isuzu brochures call: (8(X)) 245-4549. Isuzu Amigo

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