The American Motors/Hurst SC/Rambler. A Rambler that does the quarter mile in 14.3.

The American Motors Hurst SC/Rambler. A Rambler that does the quarter mile in 14.3. American Motors and Hurst have collaborated on the custom-built SC/Rambler. It's a limited production car; only 500 units are planned at this time. Enough to qualify the SC/Rambler for stock classes in drag racing. The price is $2,998! Which is very little money when you see what it buys. 1. 390 cubic inch AMX V-8 Engine. 2.4 - speed all-synchromesh close-ratio transmission. 3. Special Hurst 4-speed shift linkage with T-handle. 4. A Sun tach mounted on the steer-ing column. 5. Dual Exhaust system with special-tone mufflers and chrome extensions. 6. Functional Hood Scoop for cold-air induction. 7. Twin-Grip differential. 8. 101/2' diameter clutch. 9. 3.54:1 axle ratio. 10. Power disc brakes (front). 11. Rear axle torque links. 12. Handling package (heavy-duty front sway bar plus heavy-duty springs and shocks). • 13. Heavy-duty cooling system (heavy-duty radiator, power-flex fan and fan shroud). 14. A 20:1 manual steering ratio. 15. Special application of new Red, White and Blue exterior colors. 16. Two hood Tie-Downs with lock-ing safety pins and cables. 17. Custom Tear-Drop racing mir-rors (one each side). 18. Custom Grille. 19. Custom SC/Rambler-Hurst em-blem on front fenders/rear panel. 20. Mag styled wheels, 14' x 6', paint-ed specially to complement exterior color scheme. 21. Five E 70 x 14 Goodyear PolyglaiS' Wide-Tread tires. 22. Sports steering wheel. 23. Custom - upholstered head re-straints in Red,White and Blue vinyl. 24. All-vinyl charcoal seat upholstery with full carpeting. 25. Individually adjustable reclining seats. There's more, but you get the idea. With this car you could make life miserable for any GTO, Roadrunner, Cobra Jet or Mach 1. *ft American Motors/Hurst SC/Rambler 1. Manufacturer's suggested retail price includes all items listed and federal taxes. State and local taxes, if any, and destination charges excluded.

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