Chevrolet Corvette. A work of art (for your wall or garage).

Chevrolet Corvette. A work of art (for your wall or garage).
(Scaled-down reproduction of actual poster. 
If ever a car deserved awe and respect, Corvette does. It's America's only hue production sports car. And since its introduction In 1953, it has attained a level of recognition that is nearly legendary. Its fitting, then, that Chevrolet is now honoring this remarkable automobile with an artful commemorative poster. The Corvette spirit is captured by one of the most respected automotive illustrators around. Ken Dollison. Shown below is a section from this hill-color. 36 by 317 suitable-for-homing poster. You'll discover important footnotes on the history and evolution of Corvette. Its design. Its features. Its recent pace car edition. And more. You get it all for only S5.95 (including postage and handling). A small price to pay to put a legend on your wall. Don't you think? 
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ONLY $5.95 
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