The VW Dasher. Make it as dashing as you like.

The VW Dasher. Make it as dashing as you like. Dasher gives you all kinds of options to consider. First of all, you cwn choose either a two-door or four-door model. Not to mention our wagon. Then make your Dasher more dashing. With a sliding steel sunroof, for example. To bring a little of the great outdoors, indoors. You can slick with a standard transmission. Or shift to automatic. (There's even a special gearshift handle you can order.) A little traveling music comes your way, courtesy of an AM or AM/FM radio. Air conditioning is easily installed, to help you make it through town comfortably in the summer. While ski racks are available, to help you make it to the slopes in the winter. And for that racy look: racing stripes. These are just a few of Dasher's options and accessories. Your Volkswagen dealer can tell you about many more. For that extra little dash.

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