Red Bull infographic compares and contrasts NASCAR and Formula One

PROFESSIONAL RACING'S TWO BIGGEST SPORTS CO HEAD-TO-HEAD. The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series is the highest level of NASCAR—and the most popular in the United States. However, internationally, Formula One racing is seemingly the world's second most popular sport after soccer. Our side-by-side comparison pits the two racing superpowers against each other. RACING, BY THE NUMBERS. LARGEST FAN ATTENDANCE: HIGHEST-PAID DRIVERS: 200 MPH 205 MPH. DALE JEFF EARNHARDT JR. GORDON. POLAR OPPOSITES 0 Is II. PIT STOPS. RACING LOCATIONS. UNITED STATES Agrellatvi, A BRISTOL Vakinlitre:f DAYTONA INDIANAPOLIS. TOP CONSTRUCTORS: CHEVY. POLAR OPPOSITES. CAR CHARACTERISTICS. Stock ear resembles a 4.door sedan. Drawn-on IleattightS. NUMBER OF DRIVERS: 50, 24. Damage fixed with duct tape during race. 7 SECONDS. COST -$1.5 MILLION. STEERING WHEEL COMPARISON. $22 MILLION TONY STEWART FORD TOYOTA. LATERAL G FORCE. Lots of dents 2011 ANNUAL REVENUE $629 MILLION gp BILLION $21 MILLION JIMMIE JOHNSON. TRACK LAYOUT. Predominantly oval with 2 road courses. Sponsored by Some sort of paint company. SOURCCS: WNW HASCAR COS/ A A OE COUR inYWLY/OMIutAIONITVE COM/PATWWITCOM/: RED BULL. 837 MILLION. NASCAR SPRINT CUP FORMULA ONE GLOBAL FERNANDO LEWIS FERRARI. Specifically engineered to be as aerodynamic as possible. CAR WEIGHT. 3,400 LDS L2P0 LBS. TOP 20 TEAM BUDGET. $20 $20 MILLION MILLION 19 COUNTRIES 4 CONTINENTS Sponsored by major brands like Ferrari, Red Bull, and Mercedes. COST -57 MILLION NUMBER OF RACES NICO ALONSO HAMILTON BUTTON ROSBERG JENSON. Circuit tracks that include both left and right turning. CITIES INCLUDE MONACO, ABU DHABI. SHANGHAI $6.5 MILLION $325 MILLION $12 MILLION RED BULL FERRARI MERCEDES MCLAREN. High-tech wings in front and back to cut through wind. Hard, lideChuM, Soft. Super.soft, intermediate, Full wet. Every piece on the car goes through a wind tunnel for quality assurance. FORMULA ONE. STEERING WHEEL MINUS NIUTRAL CLUTCH PADDLE (NGINI START GtAR SHUT PADDLE WEL HATCH Olt PUMP TRACTION CONTROL. MN DISPLAY RPM LIGHTS PLUS SPEED TUMOR RADIO DRIVER DRINKING PUMP DISPLAY SCRIM SCROLL MULTI/UNCTION DIAL ENGINE STOP. Formula One returns to the United States from November 16-18 at Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. Six Ft champions will be on the track in the United States Grand Prix, including Red Bull Racing's Sebastian Vette!, who has won the drivers championship the past two years and is gunning for his third. Created by Column Five.

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