The Volkswagen Truck. Takes pennies only.

Takes pennies only. 
Volkswagen Truck owners tell us main-tenance usually runs them holf the cost of their other trucks. The VW Truck doesn't need anti-freeze. Or flushing. Or droining. Or hoses. (The engine's air-cooled.) It rarely takes oil between changes. A set of tires goes 35,000 miles. Even our big boxy shape is economical. 
After all, it isn't every 14-foot truck that hos 170 cubic feet of space. Or can carry o 1,830-pound steer. Or even deliver a profit on a 1-pound package of hamburger. Loading and unloading is economical and fast, too. Because you've got a 4- foot-wide hole-in-the-side. And a new wide opening in back. Then there's the gas. 
Our by new engine still runs on regular. And it'll still save you 20 a miie compared to conventional trucks. Suppose you drive your VW around 2,000 miles a month. This means you're 540 a month to the good. Or 5480 a year. Or $1,440 in three years. (Just on gas alone.) That's a lot of pennies. 

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