Since it isn't exactly a beauty contest, what makes the Simca 1000 so great?

Since it isn't exactly a beauty contest, what makes Simca so great? 
Simca isn't likely to out-chrome any-body. Not even VW. And we'll be the first to admit that VW is our equal in some other respects. Simca has bucket seats. So does VW. We've got a 4-on-the-floor. They do too. Both have rear en-gines. Both get great gas mileage. But that's where the similarities end and Simca's great-to-have differences begin. You get four doors with Simca, 
not just two. So you don't have to line up to get in. Or play musical chairs getting out. You get a squared-off look that pays off in extra space where it's nice to have. Inside the car. Inside the trunk. Simca gets you more punch from the petrol. Via more horsepower. (Grrr.) So don't expect to hear ''move over'' horns on the highway. You also won't be hearing ''brrrr'' 
from passengers in winter. Ours is a hot-water heater. Water heats hot and fast. So we give you water. Others give you the air. And just to be sure you get your budget's worth, we toss in Chrysler Motors Corporation's 5-year/50,000-mile warranty.* All for $21 less to begin with. SIMCA DIVISION 41114 CHRYSLER MOTORS CORPORATION 
*SIMCA 1000's 5-year/50,000-mile engine and drive train warranty coverage: Chrysler Motors Corporation warrants for 5 years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first, against defects in material and workmanship and will replace or repair at an Authorized Simca Dealer's place of business the engine block, head and internal parts, water pump, intake manifold, Trans•Axle parts and rear wheel bearings of the Simca 1000, provided the owner changes engine oil and re•torques cylinder head at first 600 miles and thereafter changes engine oil every three months or every 4,000 miles, whichever comes first; cleans oil separator every six months (spring and fall); cleans carburetor air filter every 6 months and replaces it every 2 years; cleans the crankcase ventilator valve oil filler cap and changes Trans-Axle lubricant every 6 months or 8,000 miles, whichever comes first; and every 6 months furnishes evidence of this service to an Authorized Simca Dealer or other Chrysler Motors Corporation Authorized Dealer and asks him to certify receipt of such evidence and his car's mileage. 
thlfr's suggested retail price East. Coast P.O.E. Whitewalls extra. For special savings on overseas delivery, see your local Simca Dealer. 

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