Porsche who says an economy car has to be an economy car.

24 MPG 
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You don't expect sportscars with worldwide repu-tations for performance, both on and off the track. to be economical. But it's true. The Porsche 911 (on 

the left),with a big 2.7-liter engine, delivers 24 mpg.' uses regular gas, and has a 21-gallon tank that can take you some 500 miles roundtrip. And the 914 2.0 • (on the •right), a two-seater and the mid-engine Porsche of the family, offers an incredible 29 mpg.' regular gas, and enough mileage from a full tank to go, say, from New York to Washington and back. So on top of unique Porsche handling, precise en-gineering,.and roomy comfort, now add economy. Porsche. It will always be more than you'll expect. „PORSCHE 
WHO SAYS AN ECONOMY CAR HAS TO BE AN ECONOMY CAR. • • 'Mileage based on German Industry Test Track Standards.

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