Jeep Wagoneer. The Ultimate in 4-wheel drive.

Jeep Wagoneer The Ultimate in 4-wheel drive 

, , t iliNak7,11,10.* , r `,,,,;,, *  The most Wanted options are standard equipment: ,  •Quadra-Trad,uJeeRCorporation's acclaimed automatic 4-wheel drive •Automatic transmission •Variable ratio power-gteering • Power front disc brakes • Big 360 V-8 engine 

4-wheel driving becomes a new expe-rience in the '74 Jeep Wagoneer. Quadra-Trac . . . automatic 4-wheel drive, praised universally by the experts, offers the ultimate in traction plus greater stability and control regardless of road surface. New options include a 401 4b V-8 en-gine and a special trailer towing package. 

Comfort options include: air condi-tioning, AM/FM radio, plus tilt steerin column. This 4-wheeler offers exceptional luxury plus the rugged dependability that Jeep Wagoneer has come to stand for. On road or trail, Jeep Wagoneer is the Ultimate in 4-wheel drive vehicles. 
Jeep I Wagoneer 
From A Subsidiary of American Motors Corporation

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