Olds makes you feel so young. Drive a youngmobile from Oldsmobile.

Olds makes you feel so young. 
We decided to make Oldsmobile the youngest car on the road this year. And this new Delmont 88 is one example of how we did it. It is young in the way it looks, as you can see. Young in the way it acts. Bigger, more responsive Rocket V-8 engines are the reason. It delivers greater low-end torque for increased efficiency, increased economy, too. And it is young 
in the way it rides, thanks to four-coil springs and a 123-inch wheelbase. But, like every one of the 31 new youngmobiles, Delmont 88 is pure Oldsmobile, too. It has all the quality and reliability and 

advanced features you expect from Oldsmobile. At very young prices as well. And the full list of new General Motors safety items is standard. Stop in and see your dealer soon and give Olds young wheels a whirl. 
GM Drive a youngmobile from Oldsmobile

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