Mercury Montego's $2,798 price buys you more car today than 12 years ago.

Return of the Real Dollar 
Mercury Montego's $2,798' price buys you more car today than 12 years ago. 
Rigid steering 

1959 Most popular 6-passenger car $2724:k Energy-absorbing Woodgrain vinyl paneling steering column with locking features 
on dash board 
Printed electrical circuits 6-cylinder engine in instrument cluster 250 cu. in. 
Dual brake system, self-adjusting brakes 
Front tread 60.5' 

Wheelbase 117' Overall length 209.9' 
Head restraints 

Conventional exhaust system 
Flow-thru ventilation 
Bias-belted tires Rear tread 60.0' 
1971. 6-passenger Mercury Montego $2798.' 
Exhaust emission control system 
*Manufacturer's suggested retail prices for comparable models. White sidewall tires ($31.10); transportation charges, state and local taxes, license and title fees, extra. 
Montego is a better car than you could buy 12 years ago. We had to go way back to 1959 to find a car that even comes close to Montego for value. In fact, Montego gives you lots more. It's built with better materials, new features, better ideas. Galvanized body steel resists rust twice as long. Baked acrylic enamel has a smoother, harder finish. Never needs waxing. Precision casting gives Montego a stronger, more efficient engine. Rear axle shaft steel is 30% stronger. Printed electrical circuits eliminate a fistful of wires in the instrument panel. Montego's tires are 40-50% more durable. Double-yoke door latches hold far tighter than the old rotary type. Many service-saving features (recommended 6,000 miles between oil and oil filter changes, 36,000 miles between major lubrications; self-adjusting brakes) help avoid frequent servicing. Who says they don't build cars like they used to? 
Montego is a better car than other intermediates today. The Montego 2-door hardtop (above) is built on a wheelbase five inches longer than its leading competitors. Montego puts these extra inches to good use. Gives you a more comfortable ride. Room enough for 6 full-grown adults. A vacation-size trunk (16.2 cu. ft.). And traditional Mercury quality everywhere. Montego prices start at $2,763. You can buy a Montego 2-door hardtop or 4-door sedan with automatic transmission, V-8, AM radio and white sidewall tires—all ready to go—for under $3,300. Those are the manufacturer's suggested retail prices, for models and options listed. Excludes transportation charges, state and local taxes, license and title fees. A pretty good remedy for your shrinking dollar. Better ideas make better cars. Mercury makes better cars—to buy, rent or lease. A better idea for safety t Buckle up! 
Better ideas make better cars. MERCURY

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