Introducing the Oldsmobile Delta 88 for 1971 with the new "G-Ride" System.

Introducing the Oldsmobile Delta 88 for 1971 with the new ''G-Ride'' System. 
“G forces'', as engineers refer to them, affect the may a car behaves as it moves over bumps, rounds curves, speeds up and slows down. Olds engineers are con-stantly working to reduce the effect of these forces so drivers and passengers get a smoother, more balanced ride. For 1971, a new ''G-Ride'' 

On curves—you ride level on computer-selected coil springs. Lean and sway are reduced. 
System has been developed for the Delta 88—a combination of advances in chassis, suspen-sion and steering. Plus exclu-sive Supershocks that operate efficiently even under severe road conditions. ''G-Ride'' helps gentle the G forces, smooth the way, iso-late you from road shock. You corner better, take hills better, 
In crosswinds—new steering and suspension combinations improve stability and handling 
handle better in crosswinds. Delta 88 for 1971. Longer and more graceful outside. Roomier and more elegant in-side. More car in everyway. Power steering is standard. So are power front disc brakes. So is a pollution-fighting Rocket V-8 Engine. Olds Delta 88 with new ''G-Ride.'' Come in and try it today. 
Over bumps—Oldsmobile's exclusive Supershocks soak up both jolts and vibration. 



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