You loved it the way the Toyota Corona was for five fantastic years. So we made it even more lovable!

The Toyota Corona was ahead of its time. It led the new wave—economy cars that offer more than just a bare set of wheels. We intend to keep it ahead. So, we've improved it. Quite a bit. First, we gave it twenty percent more horsepower. For greater acceleration and speed. We did this with an overhead cam engine that still gets up to 25 miles to the gallon. It's not only more powerful (108 hp), it lasts longer. Because of fewer moving parts. Also, a lot of aluminum is used in our new engine—where it 
makes sense. To lighten the car and to dissipate heat faster (which also reduces wear). It has a five bearing crankshaft, instead of the previous three. And dual exhaust manifolds, instead of one. Then we gave the Corona a power braking system with front discs. For greater stopping power. And a newly engineered suspension system, front and back, for a smoother ride. And also to deaden sound. Inside, the seats come two ways. Buckets with the 4-on-the-floor stick shift. And with the column-mounted, 3-speed automatic, you get a full bench seat. There's more leg room, more hip room and a bigger trunk. 
The four doors are still there. So is the flo-thru ventilation, the nylon carpeting, the tinted glass, the courtesy lights, the whitewall tires and the locking glove box. All standard equipment. And the options are the same. Factory air conditioning, AM/FM radio, stereo tape deck and automatic transmission. • What all this adds up to is the new Toyota Corona. For drivers who are in love with the best. Until it's improved. 
We're quality oriented 
You loved it the way it was for five fantastic years. So we made it even more lovable! 

• n, $2126.

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