The Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupé. A world class touring car.

The Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupé. A world class touring car.
First impressions. As you enter Turbo Coupe you notice how the doors curve into the roof to smooth and quiet the air-flow. You sit in an articu-lated seat. It's firm. Pur-poseful. Under and side thigh supports adjust to fit your body. The back angle and seat position adjust to align you with the controls. The pneumatic lumbar support adjusts to the curve of your back. Your feet feel how the pedals are positioned for heel, and-toe-operation. You test the five-speed shifter. The throws are short. Precise. Start the engine. As it warms, consider the spec-ifications. Four cylinders with aluminum pistons. 2.3 liters. Turbocharged, fuel-injected and moni-tored by Ford's EEC-IV Onboard Engine Control Computer. An engine so efficient it's rated at 145 horsepower (at 4,600 RPM per SAE standard J-1349) and is also rated at 33 esti-mated highway, El EPA estimated miles per gal-lon!' A triumph of technol-ogy over brute force. Engage first gear... At this point, you will feel how the Goodyear Eagle performance tires, mod-ified struts, four shock rear suspension and sta-bilizer bars work on the road. But nothing will better describe that feel-ing than a test drive. For more information, call 1-800-772-2100. 'For comparison. Your mileage may differ depending on speed, distance and weather. Actual highway mileage lower. 
Get it together —Buckle up. 
Have you driven a Ford... lately? 

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