Make your move. The 1968 Chrysler Newport.

make your move 

It kind of grows on you. In about 3 seconds flat. 
Getting you to admire a Chrysler Newport is easy! Convincing you it's easy to own is the hard part. Until you check the price. Here's what you'll find. Four Newports are priced just a few dollars a month more than the most popular smaller cars, comparably equipped. , Those aren't junior edition Chryslers, either. 
We build no small versions. Every Newport is full-size. Chrysler through and through. With plenty of new options. like an AM radio with 8-track stereo tape. Or AM/FM Stereo Multiplex Radio. Price. Size. Luxury. Now that you know what's behind Chrysler's growing popularity, what's taking you so long? Make your move. Today. 

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