Beautiful Shape for 1965! The Chevrolet Corvair.

Look who got sophisticated! And Corvair's new spirit doesn't stop with those lavish looks. Inside, there's more comfort. The effortless handling only rear engine and independent suspension can give. Wrapped up in hardtop and convertible models—including Monzas and the all-new Corsa series! Very easy to get wrapped up in. 
Beautiful Shape for 1965 
On display Thursday, Sept. 24. Announcing something ing to that agile Corvair wheelbase! Combine increased shoulder room so new it almost announces itself—Corvair for '65! with increased interior elegance, just for a start. Then add things That advanced styling alone is enough to tell you that Corvair's like a nearly flat floor in both the front and back, curved side windows got all kinds of advanced ideas. Ideas you won't find on any other and a handsomely styled control panel with centrally located instru. American .r. menu—you get the id., it spells Corvair convenience. There's rousing new performance—rear engine performance—from There's a sleek new Corvair series—the Corsa. Special trim, special Corvair's air-cooled Six. You can specify, 180-hp Turbo-Charged Six performance, special instrumentation. Along with the Monza and in the new top-of-the-line Corsa series. Monza and 500 models offer Corvair 500 series, for a total of seven hardtop and convertible models. 140- and 110•hp Six. you can order in place of the standard 95•hp Six. Corvair's driving ease, operating economy, and accent on the live, And Corvair's already famous ride and handling become supreme side of driving were too great to for '65, due to a new rear suspension design formerly used only on change. The rest is as new and fresh sports cars. PIus wider tread, bigger brakes, even quicker steering! as it looks—and it looks like a new Passenger and luggage space is delightfully spacious—without add- international favorite has been born! 

New Corvair Corsa Sport Coupe, one of seven new Corvairs for '65.

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