5 cents an hour parks a Simca... or buys one.

5 cents an hour parks a Simca...or buys one* 
Monthly payments on a brand new Simca add up to just a few nickels more than the cost of a month's parking. And Simca's economy doesn't stop with low initial price. You can save not nickels but hundreds of dollars a year on gasoline alone. Performance? Simca's .50 horsepower engine is the largest of all leading economy imports. Simca's brakes are the largest, too, for faster (and safer) stopping. And when it comes to looks—you can be proud to park a Simca anywhere. 
•After 1/4 down payment, monthly payments: $37.14 brakes. Front-mounted 50 hp engine. 4-speed trans-for 36 months, average finance charges. Price may mission. 12-volt ignition, 8 cubic foot trunk. STAND-vary slightly depending on individual dealer policy, ARD: Turn signals. Windshield washers, electric IMSA but includes all costs except optional equipment, wipers. Interior light. Deluxe interiors. Automatic whitewalls, destination charge, insurance, state and choke. PARTS AND SERVICE: Through Chrysler's local taxes. Based on List Price, P.O.E. East Coast. MoPar network. DEALERS: Throughout the United , , „ .‘, ., , „ , , , , , , , „ , ,, , , , .) FACTS: Safety-engineered UniGard body, oversize States and Canada. Ask about overseas delivery, too. I.V1 I'l ni.Cr.i / 15 l' CI 11,17,1,1:IX

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