What you don't know about the compact field can cost you US$ 505!

The difference between Falcon and other compacts? For one thing, many of the others are not compact . . . in size . . . or price! So beware—
What you don't know about the compact field can cost you '505! 
In all the confusion of so many new compacts its hard to tell who's got what. Even more important, its hard to tell who is really compact and who is not. A good place to begin is price. And the best car to start with is Ford's Falcon ... because the compact field actually starts with America's lowest-priced. 6-passenger car ... the Falcon! 
Magnificent upholstery? Falcon has it all as standard equipment ... at no extra cost! Where these new-name compacts are bigger is outside . . . just where you don't want it! Most of them are over half a foot longer, as well as wider and up to 500 pounds heavier than Falcon. With so much excess, they don't handle as easily as Falcon. And they certainly need rnore parking space. Fact is, they need up to 61/2 square feet more parking area. They also need bigger engines to tote around all this extra weight. And bigger engines need more gas. Falcon has proved it goes up to 30 miles on a gallon of regular gas. Falcon is the True Compact! To be sure, we could have made the Falcon big-ger outside. We could have endowed it with un-limited horsepower. But this defeats the whole purpose of a compact. You lose that unbeatable Falcon gas mileage. You lose that inimitable Falcon handling. And of course, you lose a lot of parking spots. We felt Falcon was right—right from the start. We felt this way because we already knew how the American people felt. They gave Falcon the biggest vote of approval in automotive history when 425,000 of them bought Falcon in its first year alone. In 1960 Falcon has actually sold more cars than two of its low-priced com-petitors combined . . . even outsold an entire corporation singlehandedly! 'This was the great-est first-year success any car ever had. America liked Falcon—and we mean to keep it so! In fact, America found Falcon so totally de-pendable, so thoroughly reliable, that we can make this historic announcement: 

The Big Compact Difference! When you sit down and figure out just how much lower Falcon's price really is—you discover the first big difference. Falcon is actually priced as much as $505 less than comparable new-name compacts introduced just a its weeks ago. 
Surprised? You have a right to be. What has happened in the compact field is this: There are high-priced compacts, there are medium-priced compacts, • there are low-priced compacts—and then there's Ford's Falcon, lowest priced of all six-passenger cars ... as much as $505 below the top! 
Pay more? What for! This $505 difference assumes even larger pro-portions when you consider what it buys. True, these new -narne, high-priced compacts are larger than Falcon. But where are they larger? Not inside! They give you no more living room than Falcon. In kg room, hip room, shoulder room—in all these important measure-ments—Falcon seats 6 big people with all the comfort of the highest-priced compacts. 
Seats them in luxury, too! Coat hooks? Arm rests? Sun visors? Foam-padded front seats? 
Every 1961 Falcon is warranted by your dealer for 12,000 miles or 1 full year, whichever comes first!t The Falcon is that good! 
If you are in the market foss compact ... and not a compromise ... see the 1961 Falcon and see if this isn't everything you had in mind. FORD DIVISION. Jtrr/A4,61154a, 
• Up to 30 miles on a gallon • Full room for 6 and all their luggage • 4,000 miles between oil changes • A finish that never needs waxing • Easier handling, easier parking • Choice of two engines—including the new optional 170 Special for an extra dash of power • Completely upholstered interiors • Coat hooks, arm rests, sun visors at no extra cost • Styling you'll be proud to be seen in • Warranted for 12,000 miles or 1 full year • High resale value • America's lowest-priced 6-passenger car

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