"Our new BMW is a unique combination of luxury, performance and handling. And it's amazingly easy on fuel."

''Our new BMW is a unique combination of luxury, performance and handling. And it's amazingly easy on fuel'' Mr. William Ficker, internationally prominent yachtsman and architect of Newport Beach, California. success-fully defended the America's Cup with the yacht Intrepid. His words express the feelings many BMW owners have for their cars. ''The BMW is designed from the inside out, just as any fine yacht or building program dictates. Mechanical considerations and passenger comfort are uncompromised, and then packaged in a graceful, refined body. With so many other automobiles contributing to visual pollution and highway congestion, the BMW is a refreshing relief. ''Now we particularly appreciate BMW's efficiency, as we regularly get over 20 miles to the gallon. ''Simply put, I think BMW is the best car we have ever owned: 'At BMW, we build cars that above all are more efficient. Road & Track calls BMW's new 3-liter engine the most sophisticated in-line six in the world. Smooth, dependable, and brilliantly responsive. yet remarkably easy on fuel. Our fully independent four-wheel suspension gives BMW superior roadholding capabilities. Extraordinary handling character-•stics are but one of BMW's own demanding safety criteria. BMW safety features are built into the car's design, not just tacked on. The fast, rugged, spirited 3-liter BMW is designed to achieve techno-ogical superiority in every aspect of automotive construction. In the highest tradition of the Bavarian Motor Works, it is more than a fine car. It is what luxury should be -- the luxury of great engineering. BMW automobiles are availai Jig in a full range of two and four door models. Sole U.S. Importer: Hoffman Motors Corporation. 375 Park Avenue, Newyork, N.Y 10022: 12541 Beatrice Street. Los Angeles. Cigif 90066 Dealers Coast to Coast. Advantageous European Delivery Program Write for tree brochure. Canada: East: BMW Distributors Eastern Canada. Ltd. Ontario. West BMW Distributors (Western) Co • • • • Columb,a Bavarian Motor Works

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