Why you should drive a DeSoto Fire Dome 8?

Why you should drive a DeSoto Fire Dome 8?
Any car that could give 16o horsepower 
on regular gas would be remarkable. If 
. in addition it had No-Shift Driving, 
Power Steering and Power Braking, it 
would be sensational. Well, that's the 
new De Soto V-8. Driving is believing! 

MIGHTY De Soto Fire Dome 160-h. p. engine ... with dome-shaped combustion chambers and centered spark plugs ... is Americ., most advanced design! 

**FAMOUS De Soto Tip-Toe Hydraulic Shift with Fluid Drive, or with Fluid-Torque Drive... offers you America's finest No-Shift Driving! 

*TIT. NEW De Soto Full Power Steering improves road control; makes parking child's play. Easy as dialing a phone—you can turn the wheel with one finger! 
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