This 4-speed has something no other 4-speed has.

This 4-speed has something no other 4-speed has. 
Stick shift fanciers. Economy car devotees. You're both going to love this one. It's called TWIN-STICK. Devilishly clever. And exclusively yours when you choose the Mitsubishi-built 1979 Dodge Colt or Plymouth Champ Hatch-backs. Here's how it works. Release the clutch and push the lever into ECONOMY mode, and you've selected the four-speed range designed to deliver optimum fuel efficiency. Choose POWER, and you get livelier performance. For running through the gears, you use the regular H-pattern lever. Averaging the mileage achieved in both POWER and ECONOMY ranges 

resulted in EPA estimates of 44 MPG HIGHWAY, 32 MPG CITY with the 1.4 liter MCA-Jet engine. Your mileage may vary depending on how and where you drive, the condition of your car and its equipment. California estimates are lower. 

TWIN-STICK is standard on the new 1979 Dodge Colt or Plymouth Champ Hatchbacks. You get the benefit of a total of eight speeds to play with. Which means you can get the optimum gear for just about any driving situation that comes along. City or country. Uphill or down. Or passing gas stations. 

Mitsubishi cars and pickup trucks are sold in the U.S. by Chrysler Corporation. 
MOTORS CORPORATION Dodge: Colt • Challenger • D-50 pickup truck. Plymouth: Champ • Sapporo • Arrow pickup truck. 
The Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, builder of Plymouth Champ, is proud to have its car nominated for 1979 Motor Trend Import Car of the Year.

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