Take a ride in the Renault 8 and see why one critic thinks it feels like a big American compact.

The critics are panning us. 
The automotive experts blame us for not doing justice to our own product. Car &Driver Magazine said,''In spite of having the best economy sedan...in the U.S., Renault continues to lose ground!' Newspaper Enterprise Association reported, ''Renault has never really gotten a proper share of the American market, and this is a shame...because they have one of the best cars in the world for the money!' Foreign Car Guide wrote, ''They now have a car that is capable of outdoing the VW'' Our dealers, some 400 of them, feel exactly the same. ''Great car,' they say,''but nobody knows it!' Even Renault owners complain that we do not adver-
rise enough! So, let us say a few words about the Renault 8. It is priced at $1,635*(P.O.E. East Coast),It can do over 35 miles per gallon. It is tough and reliable. Its engine, smoothly, indefatigably, gives brilliant performance and acceleration. The luxury and comfort of its seats are absolutely outstanding. We could carry on, but there is not enough space left on this page ...Better go and see for yourself. Find out just how luxurious an economy car can be. Take a ride in the Renault 8, and see why one critic thinks it feels like a big American com-pact. Your local Renault dealer will help you make the discovery. 

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