Make it a Nash Vacation... in the World's Finest Travel Car!

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New Nash Ambassador Count, Club with 220 HP Jetfire V.8, Twin Ultramatic Drive, Potcer Steering, Power Brakes, Power-Lift Windows optional 
Make it a Nash Vacation... in the World's Finest Travel Car! 
VACATION in true comfort, safety and style . . . in Nash! For the 025,000 Insurance, divided equally between husband and wife, pro-World's Finest Travel Car has the exclu‘sive features that make any viditeg for payment of $12,500 to estate of either—a total of $25,000 trip—across town or across country—a genuine pleasure. —if either or both should be fatally injured while driving or riding Here you enjoy the greatest shoulder room ever built into an auto- in their new private passenger Nash anywhere in the world during first mobile . . . the widest front seat, the most legroom. Here you enjoy year of ownership. Applies only where state insurance laws permit. the ''finest shockproof ride in the industry.'' Even Airliner Reclining Here is true backing to support our confidence that Nash, the world's Seats for perfect relaxation every driving mile and Twin Travel Beds finest travel car, is the safest car you can drive! that let you forget lodging worries. Traditional Nash economy means you save as you drive. And Single Unit Car Construction—the Biggest Difference In Cars Today—affords the greatest protection for you and your family. 7115rAlk. Cfir /956 Backed by $25,000 Personal Automobile Accident Insurance against fatal injury AMBASSADOR • STATESMAN • RAMBLER • METROPOLITAN When you buy a new Nash, you receive automatically a total of 
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PRIZES FOR NAMES IN THE BIGGEST CONTEST ON RECORD Send as a name for American Motors Single Unit Construction (shown at right)—the biggest difference in cars today. Your entry may win you the $25,000 Cash First Prize—or a brand-new Air Conditioned Nash or Rambler car—or any one of 1141 wonderful prizes. Hurry! Contest closes May 20th. 
Get complete information and free entry blank with may rules for whining at your Nash Dealer's! 
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