The Volkswagen Beetle's most expensive option: a hole in the roof.

The Volkswagen Beetle's most expensive option: A hole in the roof. 
When you go out to buy a Volkswagen, you know just what you're getting into. The car itself costs 51,595.* The sunroof costs 590* more, and- it's the most expensive extra that comes out of our factory. You can't buy power steering, power brakes, power windows or power any-
thing else. You just don't need them.) You also can't buy a heater and de-froster, bucket seats, electric wipers, wind-shield washers or a synchromesh 4-speed stick shift. - They all come with the car. We charge extra for the sunroof be-cause a lot extra goes into it; each one is _ 
fitted by hand. Open it, and you get nothing but sky. Close_ it Odd you 9et nothing at all. iit's as airtight as the 'regular Volkswagen Sedan.) You may get a little less roof for your s90, but you get a lot more sunshine and fresh air.

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