The all new 1966 Toyota Corona. The New Hot One! Hottest Imported Sedan in America Today!

The New Hot One! 
The all new 1966 Toyota Corona—Hottest Imported Sedan in America Today! Tops 90 mph - Snaps 0 to 60 in 16.7 seconds - 90 hp 1900 cc hi-torque engine - self-adjusting non-fade brakes - 4-door sportsedan styling - nylon, vinyl upholstery - unitized frame & insulated body - Owners report over 30 miles per gallon - large lined trunk - synchromesh all gears - plus 47 no-cost extras - Available, too, with American type automatic transmission - $1760 p.o.e. White walls extra 
Fully equipped - 12 mo-112,000 mile warranty - Parts/Service available coast to coast 
The tough ones come from TOYOTA - World's 3rd largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles TOYOTA MOTOR DISTRIBUTORS. INC.. 5858 Hollywood Bled Los Angeles. Calif. - TOYOTA MOTOR DISTRIBUTORS OF NEW JERSEY, INC..231 Johnson Ave., Newark, N.J. -,MID.SOUTHERN TOYOTA LTD. INC.,7744 S.Stony Island Ave.. Chicago, III.

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