1975. Chevrolet thinks it's time for a little good news. Monza 2+2. A new small car that's a little more everything.

1975. CHEVROLET THINKS IT'S TIME FOR A LITTLE GOOD NEWS. MONZA 2+2. A new small car that's a little more everything. The small car of tomorrow will probably be more responsive, handy and comfortable than ever. The 1975 Monza 2+2 is all this today. It has advances like rectangular headlights set in a soft front end. A beautifully thought-out 2+2 interior that switches from rear seats to a carpeted wagon floor anytime you say. And a new 4.3-litre V8 engine available that Shown above in foreground is gives the performance and econ-omy of a small V8 in a small car. You can wait for the small car of tomorrow to get here. But why? Monza arrived early and it's here today. NOVA. Ifs always been good. Now it's beautifuL Our Nova started out in 1962 with some simple, sensible goals: To be economical, yet comfortable and roomy. To be sensibly sized, practically priced and solid. Monza 2+2; in background is Nova LN Sedan. For 1975, Nova is still all that, and more. It's beautiful. Emphatically refined along the lines of elegant European sedans. And for 1975 there's a new Nova model we call the LN, with luxurious touches like thick carpeting, and wide-back reclining front seats. We feel a big year coming on. CHEVROLET MAKES SENSE FOR AMERICA.

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