Introducing the Magnum XE. An exciting new car-napper from Dodge.

Introducing the Magnum XE. An exciting new car-napper from Dodge. You're looking at a magic means of transportation. The brand-new Dodge Magnum XE. As much a statement of philos-ophy as it is a fine motor car, it is crafted in the belief that there is still room for luxury and impeccable road manners to live side by side. Consider Magnum's cockpit. Thin-backed, low-profile bucket seats. Rich carpeting. Soft tailored vinyl. A most elegant and comfortable driving environment. Yet there's another side to Magnum. Sophisticated instrumentation. The optional tachometer. The presence of antisway bars, front and rear. Hefty F R78 X15 radials.• A strong V8 with Chrysler's Electronic Lean Burn System.; Such things provide Magnum XE with considerable assurance underway. Then there is all the electronic wizardry. Like headlights with clear, retractable shields. An optional electronic digital clock with no moving parts. An optional 40-channel CB transceiver integrated into an AM/FM stereo radio (even the antenna is automatically power-operated). The new Magnum XE. A remarkable automobile that beautifully combines the attributes of a touring car with those of a luxury car. A car that is adventurous without being extravagant. It is a car that must be driven to be appreciated. And you can do that at your Dodge Dealer's. 'White sidewall tires shown are extra cost. .Not available in high altitude areas.

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