This is the only rattle you'll ever hear in a 1959 De Soto.

The only rattle you'll ever hear in a '59 DE SOTO... and you probably won't hear this one long—because baby will go right to sleep in De Soto's quiet quality. De Soto's body is the quietest you can own. Rubber mountings throughout the car keep metal from touching metal. DeSoto's Torsion-Aire suspension absorbs most road noise. Heavy body insulation hushes the rest. The De Soto 'X'-type frame keeps everything firm and solid. Superior strength and weight add extra stability. De Soto doors close with a deep and satisfying 'thunk'. Test drive the new De Soto and hear the quiet sound of quality. See the fashion leader of the year at your Dc Soto dealer's today. The smart way to go places... DE SOTO

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