A rumble seat made a good car a little better. So does a rear door. The 1972 Ford Pinto Runabout.

A rumble seat made a good car a little better. So does a rear door. 1931 Model A Roadster. 1972 Pinto Runabout shown with optional white sidewall tires, rocker panel molding and accent group. When you make a solid, sensible, economical little car you don't change it. Except to make it better. Now that we're making that kind of car again, that's the only kind of change we're going to make. For example, we've made a Runabout model of the Ford Pinto. It has a rear door the basic Pinto doesn't have. And rear seats that fold down for extra cargo space that's five feet long. Everything else is the same. A gutsy little engine that gets the same economical kind of gas mileage as the little imports. A solid-as-a-rock four speed transmission. Sports car steering. A welded steel body with six coats of paint. Pinto is wide and stable, but not big. It's got plenty of leg and shoulder room, but it's barely 11/2 inches longer than the leading import. There you have it. The basic Pinto: a good little car. Our Pinto Runabout: a little better, good little car. See them at your Ford dealer's. 
When you get back to basics, you get back to Ford. FORD PINTO FORD DIVISION

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