You're Fashion First with Buick, the last word in cars.

You're Fashion First-with the last word in cars IF tomorrow is in your thinking — if bold new styling stimulates your senses—if the fashion of true modernity is important in your motoring —you belong in a Buick. For Buick today is styled a year ahead of its time —with longer, lower lines of sports-car rakishness —with the most advanced Nvindshield design of the past decade—with interior decors of striking color and stunning design. Why not come see for yourself? Why not look into the clean, crisp new fashion that is Buick for 1954—and learn, in the doing, what suavity of performance is yours in these Milton Berle stars for Buick—See the Buick•Berle Show Tuesday Evenings supremely powered, smoothly responsive beauties? We cordially invite you to sample a new 1954 Buick soon. Can you make it this week? VISIT BUICK'S SPRING FASHION SHOW Gay new cars! Gay new colors! New Convertibles! New Rivieras! New Estate Wagons! And all in fresh dress—the biggest selection of bright summer colors in Buick history! BUICK the Beezuered Bug WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT BUICK WILL BUILD THEM SEE YOUR BUICK DEALER

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