Can a man fall in love with his car?

Can a man fall in love with his car? That depends. If the car is a fickle, unreliable, at-tention-demanding shrew, he's liable to be a little short on affection. But if she happens to be a slim, lovely thoroughbred that performs like a dream, asks little, and is always ready to give her utmost, well...a man is only human, isn't he? Nowadays, a lot of men are discover-ing that one particular car can add a lot of spice to life. The car is the brilliant new BMW 2-door sedan, built by the Bavarian Motor Works especially for the sports-man. What's she like? Dazzlingly fast. Actually cruises at 100 mph. In fact, in Germany, where high-speed driving is a national sport, BMW leads the pack. Amazingly nimble. Features a fully-independent suspension for surefooted roadholding that makes her as safe as she is fast. And charmingly well-mannered. Priced under $2600, delivers up to 30 miles to a gallon, and turns up her nose at repair shops. Can a man fall in love with his car? If the car is the new BMW, how could he help it? Drop in on your BMW dealer. He'd like to introduce you to a little beauty. Suggested retail prices start at $2,597 P.O.E. New York. U.S. Importer: Hoffman Motors Corporation, 375 Park Avenue, New York, N.Y., 1862 S. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. Dealers coast to coast. Advantageous European Delivery Program, Wfite for_free brochure., Bavarian Motor Works The Sportsman's Car

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