BMW. The Sport Of Thinking.

THE SPORT OF THINKING. At BMW we have a definite attitude to motor racing. We would rather return from the track with an innovation than with a trophy. For to us. every race is an opportunity to test a theory or improve a component Every car we build for the track is an experiment in automotive technology. And every lesson we learn on the track we apply directly to our production cars. We believe d is this philosophy that distinguishes a car that carries the BMW symbol from all others. For while others regard factors such as peak performance and superlative manoeuvrability as desirable, to us they are absolutely compulsory. But perhaps even more impor-tant than our commitment to research and technological innovation is our intrinsic certainty that without individual brilliance and disciplined creativity, cars such as the 318i. the 323i. 520i, 528i. and the 735i would never have seen the light of day. Let alone produce the sheer pleasure experienced by those who drive them. These demands on the creative capacities of our designers are the most important reasons for our involvement in motor sport When we are asked what we think about sport we reply Thinking is our sport THE ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE

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