The 1973 Chevrolet Vega GT. Building a better way to see the USA.

The 1973 Chevrolet Vega GT. Building a better way to see the USA. SUPERVEGA Not faster than a speeding bullet. Not more powerful than a locomotive. And quite unable to leap tall build-ings or even small ones for that matter, in a single bound. Nonetheless, the Vega GT is a super little car for the money. To build a GT, we start with the seemingly mild-mannered Vega Hatchback or Kammback. We add, then, the more responsive version of our aluminum block overhead cam engine. We add stabilizer bars, front and rear. Wide white-lettered bias belted ply tires and special GT wheels. We add an assist handle, a sporty four-spoke steering wheel, special instrumentation (tach, amp and temp gauges), an electric clock and wood-grain vinyl accents. We add a black grille, special GT nameplates and more. (We don't add the stripes, because we've found that not everybody wants them. But you can order them if you like.) There you have it. The Vega GT. Supervega. Even more desirable for 1973 with its improved emission controls, stronger front bumper, new colors inside and out. And a staged two-barrel carburetor with a secondary bore that kicks in only when you need it. Test drive the 1973 Vega GT at your Chevrolet dealer's soon. It's your kind of car.

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