The Pioneer DEX-77 CD/Tuner. The Most Beautiful Face In The World.

The Most Beautiful Face In The World. 
The Pioneer DEX-77 CD/Tuner. The most full-featured car stereo ever sculpted. The Beauty of Sound: three-beam pickup for beautiful com-pact disc sound and incredible durability. The Beauty of Reception: Supertuner Ill 'insures this. The Beauty of Convenience: full-function wired remote via electronic logic controls. The Beauty of Memory: Best Station Memory for automatic selection of strongest stations. The Beauty of Security: Secret Code: a built-in anti-theft system The Beauty of It All: a remarkable creation of intelligence, grace, and musical perfection, this gorgeous model will drive you wild. See the DEX-77 at your Pioneer autosound dealer. Or call 1-800-421-1404. The DEX-77 CD/Tuner. 1986 Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.. Long Beach. CA CATCH THE SPIRIT OF A TRUE PIONEER.

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