Jeep Renegade. It's beautiful even when it's clean.

Jeep Renegade. It's beautiful even when it's clean. Almost as beautiful as when it's caked with mud. Covered with dirt. Unwashed and weather-beaten. Because what's truly beautiful is a CJ at work. Climbing hills. Forging trails. Getting its wheels into places other vehicles wouldn't 23 EPA 20 HwY dare. Anctdoing MPG rsT it all with the best gas mileage of any four-wheeler made in America.- There's something beautiful, too, about Jeep's record for durability: 95% of all Jeep vehicles registered within the last ten years are still on the road today. And with a long list of options, including a new 5-speed transmission, contoured bucket seats, carpeting, air conditioning, stereo... hard top, soft top, no top at all . . . it's easy to see why some people think the CJ's beautiful even when it's clean. Other vehicles may look best scrubbed and spotless. But the Jeep CJ shines brightest when performing. And that's the true beauty of a A Jeep legend. With optional 5-speed stick. Figures ore for comparison. Your results may differ due to driving speed, weather conditions and trip length. Actual highway mileage will be less. California mileage will be different. Based on R.L Polk Co. registrations through July 1, 1980. Jeep Corporation, a subsidiary of American Motors Corporation.

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