Whatever car you have in mind... you're better off with a Buick!

Whatever car you have in mind... you're better off with a Buick! Almost any new American car you're thinking of buying falls within reach of today's Buick price range. And when this same money pays for a Buick, today more than ever before it brings you things you just can't by elsewhere! It pays for a very special feeling of wisdom and pride. It pays for the magic in the Buick name itself—a sense of quality, tradition, reliability. And it pays—in ways you can touch and feel—for the most exciting beauty, the most advanced and expert performance ever built into Buick cars. If you're thinking of buying a car, don't fail to see your Quality Buick Dealer. He has some wonderful new surprises for your money. LE SABO: Comxthble New Mayic-Mirror IMishes - New super-quiet Bodies by Fisher - Safety PLATE LASS all around - New Equipoise ride - New fin-eoolecl brakes, front and rear - AlU1,171/177 front brake o,ums - Thriftier, higher compression, tnore powerful Wildcat engines - New elect, windshield wipers - New Buick Easy Power Steering. - Exclusive Twin-Turbine and Triple-Turbine transmissions. - New Automatic heat and fresh air control.. ,Optional at extra cost on certain models, IISAEiRE The thriftiest Buick INVICTA The Most spirited Buick ELECTRA The most luxurious Buick BUICK MOTOR GENERAL MOTORS CORPORATION

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