Announcing the 1970 Buick Electra Limited. Something to believe in.

Something to believe in. Announcing the 1970 Buicks. Because the/re built with what we call product integrity. They're the result of the finest craftsmanship and the utmost care. No finer Buicks have ever been built. The Electra Limited has a 455 cubic inch 370 H.P. V8 engine, power brakes, power steering and an automatic transmission as standard equipment. Its wheelbase measures a full 127 inches. The contour fit of its seats is incredibly comfortable. Because of individually wrapped coil springs. The Electra Limited has Buick's unique suspension system, AccuDrive. Never has a Buick tracked straighter or handled better. Its handsome looks? They began with Body by Fisher. Electra Limited. One fine example of product integrity. An automobile you can believe in. Every Buick is both. And every Buick always will be. No wouldn't you really rather have a 1970 Buick.

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