International Trucks. First by a country mile.

International Trucks. First by a country mile. First by a country mile 
It takes a special brand of pickup to smooth out those country miles. The INTERNATIONAL is just that kind of pickup. Like the famous INTERNA-TIONAL FarmalF tractor, it was born and bred on the farm. Beneath that smooth styling you'll find a truck engineered chassis. And beneath that smooth ride you'll find a rugged suspension system that holds up in the fields under the toughest loads. For all its famous toughness, you'll find this 
year's INTERNATIONAL has new ease of handling, and its complete safety package includes big-ger, more positive brakes. And when you see the new styling, new custom interiors and op-tional bucket seats, make no mistake: this is the number one farm pickup—first by a country mile. See your INTERNATIONAL Dealer and his really new '67's. He knows what a farmer needs. And he's got it. International Harvester Company, Chicago, Illinois 60611. El 

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